Our Rubbers

Dollar Rubber Club.com offers name brand condoms at DRC membership prices.  For just a buck a month, you can get the same high-quality, comfortable fit, and safe condoms the drug store sells, only delivered right to your door.

We offer a selection of condoms from the world's leading brands Trojan™, Durex™ and Lifestyles™, with unique styles to meet your needs.   Dollar Rubber Club has four different monthly subsription packages, all depending on your  "shooting percentage."  We know some months can be a little dry...  and then when it rains, it pours.  As a Dollar Rubber Club member, you can choose from four different monthly subscriptions, a 3-pack, 6 pack, 12-pack, and for those who like to live on the edge, a Variety 12-pack.



Only difference between Dollar Rubber Club.com and the late night trip to the drug store?  No more creepy stares from the cashier and a few more greenbacks in your pocket.