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The Weekend Warrior

A 12-pack mix of ribbed, lubricated and thin rubbers.

No more embarrassing trips to the drug store.

FREE Shipping....Muy Caliente!





The Swordsman


12 condoms for the "busy" man.

Delivered to your door, discreetly every month.

Of course, if you are wrapping your whopper 12 times a month, do you really care about being discreet?


FREE Shipping. Woot!






The Zen Master 


6 condoms, to your door, EVERY Month.

Six times a month is respectable, even envious!

Godspeed, Zen Master.

Free Shipping!








The Traveling Salesman

Perfect for your Carry-on bag.

Think of this as your back-up stash.

$1 for the Rubbers, $2 to ship ‘em. Simple.